Best 9 Home Remedies for Gastroenteritis

Approximately 179 million people in the United States suffer from the acute form of gastroenteritis every year, and the number is just an approximation. According to Centers for diseases control and prevention, the deaths due to complications in gastroenteritis in 2007 were double in number than those in 1999, and hence we can say that the problem of gastroenteritis is expanding annually rather than decreasing.


Yes, we are reaching heights in the medicinal cures and several kinds of research are going on in almost every disease, still, we are not able to control the stomach flu. Stomach flu is a bit normal name while gastroenteritis is a threatening medical term, but both refer to the same set of symptoms, and you need the same home remedies for gastroenteritis to get rid of the menace.


Gastroenteritis is more commonly known as the gastric flu or stomach flu, and it is a condition in which the stomach and small intestine become inflamed due to some kind of bacterial or viral infection in the stomach. The common culprits are E. coli, rotavirus and norovirus, these make it a very contagious disease. but what is the medium of transmission? Let us see some of the common ways you can get this disease and also the level of trouble it can create.


From where we catch gastroenteritis


Viral infections are the most common cause of gastroenteritis; but bacteria, parasites, and food-borne illnesses can sometimes take over everything else. You can get these minute creatures into your body by coming in contact with someone who is already infected, or when you compromise with your hygiene. The simple act of not washing your hands before eating meals can land you up in this trouble. And sometimes despite taking utmost care of hygiene and cleanliness you get this disease via contaminated food or water.


Symptoms of gastroenteritis


Sometimes you will have this problem in your stomach and the symptoms will be so mild that you won’t even notice it. it is said about gastroenteritis that everyone has this infection once in their lifetime, but you don’t need to get to know about the infection. Sometimes the intensity of symptoms allows people to ignore the disease, and most of the other times the symptoms are misinterpreted by patients as some other stomach problems.


If at all they occur and you notice, these are the common symptoms of gastroenteritis

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Chills
  • Body aches
  • Dry skin and dry mouth.


Well, whatever are the symptoms and causes, we know one thing for sure- nothing is well when the stomach is not well. A minute problem in the stomach can lead to great disturbances in your work and health as well. All the gastroenteritis patients can relate to this very well. You might have taken days of leave from office just because you had an upset stomach. It is almost impossible to work when your stomach is disturbed. You only wish to have something that can instantly settle things in your stomach and let you get back to work soon. Is something like this available?


Yes, there are methods to treat gastroenteritis which will soothe your upset stomach and also prevent the current infection from growing up into the real trouble. There are some very effective home remedies for gastroenteritis that can take you out of the highly uncomfortable situation and flush the bacteria or virus out of your body soon. Have a look and use them as a replacement for the costly drugs that comes tightly packed with side effects.


Home Remedies For Gastroenteritis


1. Chamomile tea For Gastroenteritis


Chamomile tea is a herbal tea for the entire world, but in the United States, it is known as the tea that calms down an upset stomach. Well, the benefits of the tea for stomach justify the name given to it. Do you know chamomile tea also has variants? And out of all, the German chamomile tea is considered to be the best. A German governmental organization has approved the use of chamomile tea in stomach disorders like gastroenteritis as they saw so many researches claiming the same fact. This is why we have included chamomile tea as one of the very first home remedies for gastroenteritis because it is backed by scientific proves. It is also easy to trust this tea because chamomile tea is one of the few home remedies for gastroenteritis that are approved by governmental agencies.


Adding chamomile tea to your daily schedule reduces stomach aches, improves digestion, and also relieves you from gastroenteritis making them one of the best home remedies for gastroenteritis.


How to use chamomile tea in gastroenteritis


  • This magnificent tea helps you digest your food better so that the food you eat will be less likely to produce gas.


  • Dip the chamomile tea bag in a cup of water.


  • Drink it two times a day to get rid of the problem of gastroenteritis.


  • You can add cardamom or ginger to improve the taste and health quotient of chamomile tea.


2. Ginger Can Treat Gastroenteritis Problem


Adding a small amount of ginger to the tea adds much more taste to it. but more than a taste enhancer, ginger is a health booster and also home remedies for gastroenteritis. Due to the unbelievable antibiotic properties that ginger carries, it can help us in fighting the infections in the stomach and cure gastroenteritis, proving its worth as potent home remedies for gastroenteritis. It can also help get rid of gastritis, stomach cramps, abdominal pain and all other symptoms that often follow gastroentritis. Apart from this, it is also helpful in enhancing the immunity of the human body. This means it saves you from many days today minor infections as well as some deadly diseases.


How to use ginger as gastroenteritis cure?


  • Grate a small amount of ginger and add it to the cup of hot water you are going to use to make tea. Strain the ginger and add the tea bag to hot water.


  • You can even add ginger to your soups and veggies if you don’t like tea, or don’t drink any kind of tea regularly.


  • You can have it in grated or crushed form mixed with an equal amount of honey if you do not prefer to use the tea and soup ideas both.


3. Hydrate yourself To Treat Gastroenteritis


There is no alternative to water. In the same way, you can choose any of the home remedies for gastroenteritis, but this one has no replacement. You have to drink water to fight not only gastroenteritis but also several other health issues. All the other home remedies for gastroenteritis can be replaced with expensive pills, but this is a compulsion to keep a thing in order in your stomach as well as everywhere else. You will see tremendous changes in your health and body once you start drinking an appropriate amount of water.


Water has a direct relation with almost all your health issues, and gastroenteritis is no exception. Whether you have a problem with acidity and belching or not, you should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Whether you want to treat gastroenteritis with home remedies for gastroenteritis or not, you should use this particular remedy. Just follow the key to keep your mouth wet always. Whenever you feel dryness inside, get a glass of water and drink. This will significantly enhance the digestion process. During gastroenteritis also you may suffer from the problem of dehydration.


How to use water in gastroenteritis


  • Drink a lot and lots of water to avoid dehydration and other problems. Make sure the water you drink is either filtered or boiled.


  • You can also eat fruits with high fluid contents if you are fed up with plain water, but the idea is to keep the liquids in your body high.


4. All in one cure- Peppermint


Peppermint also is one of the very famous home remedies for gastroenteritis. Peppermint contains several anti-inflammatories, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties, and hence is one of the best home remedies for gastroenteritis. You are familiar with peppermint, right? But peppermint tea is quite uncommon. Peppermint tea is one of the herbal teas which are known to be excellent home remedies for gastroparesis. Its soothing properties can reduce inflammation of the stomach lining. Plus, it can help reduce nausea, indigestion and heartburn, which all are commonly seen in gastroparesis.


Having peppermint tea makes the muscles of the digestive tract smooth, leaving an anti-spasmodic effect due to the presence of menthol. This helps relieve contractions in the gastrointestinal tract, bile duct and gallbladder. In addition to this, it also fights flatulence and makes the way for food to pass through the stomach swiftly.


How to use peppermint tea


  • If you like to have tea, boil a cup of water and add a peppermint tea bag to it for about 10 minutes.


  • You can have two to three cups of the same in a day. Another option is to simply chew some peppermint leaves.


  • You can also take standardized, enteric-coated peppermint tablets. Usually, 1 tablet 2 or 3 times daily is recommended, but it is best to consult a doctor before taking it.


  • Enteric-coated tablets will help avoid heartburn.


  • All the ways of using peppermint are very good home remedies for gastroenteritis and it all depends on your choice and preferences.


5. Gastroenteritis Problem Can Be Cured With Bananas


Bananas are the first name in the ingredients of a bland diet, and they are also a part of home remedies for gastroenteritis because of the softness and high fiber content. Nothing can be easier to digest than bananas, and apart from making their digestion easy, they also add smoothness to the process of digestion of other hard foods lying in your intestine. Eating bananas also help the lining of the intestine to heal quickly and allows the body to regain strength, and hence the list of home remedies for gastroenteritis would be incomplete if we skip the delicious and light food- banana.


Bananas, both ripe and raw, help in the treatment of gastroenteritis. The high content of amylase-resistant starch in bananas helps reduce the symptoms, proving its efficiency as a natural home remedy for gastroenteritis. Bananas will also replenish potassium and magnesium, two important electrolytes required for the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Plus, bananas are a bland food that is easy to digest and helps in the recovery process.


6. Yoghurt For Gastroenteritis


Other than taking more fluids and completing salt requirements of our body, we can eat certain homemade products to fight the bacteria and prevent it from form doing further damage. Yoghurt is the most needed remedy to combat the effect of the virus and save your body from further damage by the bacteria. Yoghurt contains healthy bacteria that promote digestion and help fight off the bacteria causing diarrhea, making it an effective home remedy for gastroenteritis. In addition to this, it can strengthen the immune system and deal with gastroenteritis.



How to use yogurt


  • Eat three cups of plain yogurt followed by every meal daily until you get relief.


  • Try adding honey or banana slices to improve the taste and benefits both.


7. Turmeric Can Treat Gastroenteritis


Turmeric is something you would see almost everywhere. The entire world is going mad about the amazing medicinal and therapeutic properties of turmeric. It can treat everything from a small cut on your skin to the wounds in your intestine. Turmeric now needs no explanation and we all know that it does wonders for our health and in treating diseases. While dealing with gastroenteritis also one can count on turmeric. It is one of the most preferred products used by humans for healing purposes since ancient times, and from today onwards would be one of the most preferred home remedies for gastroenteritis.


How to use turmeric as a tool against gastroenteritis


  • Although drinking it raw with milk may not be a much tasty choice, but it has many health benefits.


  • If you want even more speedy recovery, mix half tablespoon of turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink it daily.


  • It may not taste good but will heal your body fast from the damage caused to the stomach lining, making it one of the best natural home remedies for gastroenteritis.


8. Apple cider vinegar


Whenever you talk about adopting a healthy diet, apple cider vinegar will be the first name, and when you talk about home remedies for gastroenteritis also, you will see apple cider vinegar on almost every list. Apple cider vinegar is, as home remedies for gastroenteritis, and otherwise also is a must-have ingredient in your home. Apple cider vinegar is common, and you might have heard about it from your grandparents. To me, apple cider vinegar came from grandma’s stories and today it has a place in almost every food and health store.


After studying the medicinal capabilities of the natural product and also using the product for solving minor health problems of mine, I trust apple cider vinegar. This also is one of the best home remedies for gastroenteritis, as it is reported by thousands of people who use it. The alkalizing effect that apple cider vinegar leaves on your body gives the real soothing effect in abdominal pain, heartburn, and also bloating caused by improper digestion and gastroenteritis.


How to use apple cider vinegar


  • You cannot drink it in a concentrated form and hence should take it after diluting.


  • Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of lukewarm water.


  • Drink it twice a day to get relief from all the symptoms of gastroenteritis. ACV is considered as one of the best home remedies for gastroenteritis by many.


9. Aloe vera


How can we forget about the real gem of all the home remedies for gastroenteritis? Aloe vera is the herb which can be used in almost every health ailment. It is known to soothe minor cuts and burns, but it can also soothe your stomach, proving its efficiency as a natural home remedy for gastroenteritis. Be it your skin, or stomach, or any other body part, you can use aloe vera for keeping things healthy, and for making ill parts better. Aloe vera looks like a magic wand that can take care of everything. In case of any problem with your skin, you can apply aloe vera gel. You will get aloe vera gel in almost every other cosmetic you use, but home remedies for gastroenteritis recommend you to use natural gel extracted right from the leaf of aloe vera.


How to use aloe vera in gastroenteritis


  • It is best when used in natural form and also not that difficult to extract.


  • The gel straight from the plant is more concentrated than commercial aloe juice so don’t use more than 2 tablespoons.


  • But if you cannot get a fresh leaf every day, go grab a bottle of aloe juice form any health cum food store.


  • Mix two spoons of the juice in half a cup of lukewarm water and drink it daily in the morning.


  • This is one of the best natural home remedies for gastroenteritis.


The home remedies for gastroenteritis discussed above are enough to give the causative organism a tough fight and you will soon start feeling perfectly healthy once it is out of your body. But home remedies for gastroenteritis are only one side of the coin as they can deal with the present infection. You need something to deal with the other side of the coin- and that is the prevention of the reoccurrences. Yes, you can treat your infection with home remedies for gastroenteritis and you will not need any other form of treatment until you have acute gastroenteritis, but there are also some remedial measures that in future can control the infection.


One such habit is to have a healthy and balanced diet that has more and more fresh fruits and veggies. Whether it is your waistline or your health, the role of fruits and vegetables is irreplaceable. Have you heard about a bland diet? If you are a regular sufferer of gastroenteritis, you might be familiar with it as many doctors prescribe this once they diagnose you with gastroenteritis. It is nothing but just the concept of eating simple and light food that is not a burden for your stomach.


You should choose what you have to eat and what not according to the condition of your stomach. A stomach that is either struggling to come out of gastroenteritis or just had come out of the problem needs food that is easy to digest. Home remedies for gastroenteritis suggest you choose your food carefully and do not think before increasing fruits and veggies intake.


It is proved that the most searched preventing elements of cancer and heart diseases are there in colourful fruits and vegetables, but not all the fruits and veggies need to have the same effect. If you look at the overall impact that these natural foods have on your body, you would see that they enhance the immunity. Immunity is that reaction which is produced by the body against foreign particles entering the human body. You can get infected with gastroenteritis, but the level and severity of infection will be decided by the immune system. If your immune system is strong enough, the bacteria and viruses will be kicked out automatically.


So, the overall aim should be to raise the immunity of your body to such a level that you would not need any home remedies for gastroenteritis and any other form of treatment. What can be better than the fact that while having taste you can give immunity to your body, right? So, good food brings you the power and capabilities to fight all the diseases and till then you have home remedies for gastroenteritis to help you come out of the painful symptoms and unbearable discomfort.

Disclaimer: This site and links out are for information purposes only and not to be used as medical advice, please follow up with your doctor for medical care. Click on disclaimer for more information.


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Disclaimer: This site and links out are for information purposes only and not to be used as medical advice, please follow up with your doctor for medical care. Click on disclaimer for more information.