8 Health Benefits And Uses Of Clove Oil

The clove spice we use for cooking food is a dry and brown colored unopened clove tree flower bud. The bud is pink in color when it is young but turns brown on drying. The powder of clove is obtained after crushing and grinding and it is added to food while cooking. Besides this, the essential oil of clove is also used. The oil has medicinal properties and it helps in healing health problems.


This oil contain nutrients like minerals and calcium. The oil is used for making natural medicines. Since this oil is very strong, it should not be used directly. Always mix it with a carrier oil and then use it. Coconut oil is the best for mixing with clove oil. You can use any other gentle carrier oils. There are many benefits and uses of this oil for different purposes and diseases. We will explain the uses and health benefits of this oil here.

Following are the 8 Health Benefits and Uses Of Clove Oil.


Clove Oil
Clove Oil Health Benefits

Heals Acne And Pimples:


How to Treat Hormonal Acne with Home Remedies
clove oil to treat Hormonal Acne

This oil can heal acne and pimples. It kills the bacteria in the skin thus reducing infection caused by acne. Use the oil topically on the skin after diluting it. Do not use the oil directly as it can burn the skin. This oil heals cystic acne. It can reduce acne overnight.


Fights Dental Problems:

Use the clove oil for reducing toothache till the time you visit a dentist for a proper treatment. This oil has the property to deaden the tooth pain sensation, which gives a temporary relief in the problem. Apply a small amount of  oil on the tooth when there is a pain. Mix the oil with water and then use it. This oil heals sore gums. It is also useful for fighting oral ulcers.

Heals Burns And Wounds:


Wound And Burns

It is possible to heal burns and wounds by using the this oil. The oil can boost the blood circulation when applied on the skin. The skin is nourished by the topical application of this oil. It helps in healing of burns and wounds in the skin.

Reduces Ear Pain And :


Muscle Pain

Putting this oil in the ear helps in healing earache. Its local application on the skin reduces muscle pain and soreness. Thus, the oil is useful for reducing rheumatic pains. This oil poultice fights muscular cramps. For this, make a poultice with clove oil and apply it on the painful areas with cramps.

Fights Skin Infection, Rashes And Itching :


Clove Oil Health Benefits for Rashes


The clove oil helps in fighting skin infection caused by bacteria and viruses. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which heals all types of infections in the skin. It heals broken skin, rashes and itching. For this, mix the clove oil with vegetable oil and apply on the skin before sleeping at night. Use olive oil or almond oil. If there are boils in your body, apply this oil on the boil two times daily.


Boosts Energy:

Aromatherapy with clove essential oil is useful for boosting energy levels in the body. It is a better option than taking caffeine and energy drinks. This oil can boost the energy making you alert and awake. There is no harmful effect of this oil.


Gives Relief In Food Poisoning:


Food Poisoning
Clove Oil Health Benefits for food poisoning

It is possible to get relief from food poisoning by using clove oil. Since the oil has the ability to kill bacteria, it can resolve the problem of food poisoning. It fights bacterial infection caused by eating contaminated food.

Useful For Mind And Depression:


Anxiety And Depression
Clove Oil Health Benefits for depression

This oil is very beneficial for relaxing the mind. It helps in decreasing mental exhaustion. If there are any mental problems, use the oil to fight fatigue, depression, and anxiety. The oil improves memory and reduces insomnia.

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Disclaimer: This site and links out are for information purposes only and not to be used as medical advice, please follow up with your doctor for medical care. Click on disclaimer for more information.